Risk management, insurance, lighting and accessibility

Public liability insurance

Event organisers must have public liability insurance, ensuring individuals involved are financially protected against loss should an incident occur.

A Certificate of Currency must be provided to Council, showing that the event is covered for a minimum of $20 million. Please note your Certificate of Currency should list Eurobodalla Shire Council and the Minister administering Crown Lands as interested parties.

The Certificate of Currency must cover the set up and dismantle period of your event as well as the actual event itself.

Event organisers may also be requested to obtain certificates of currency from sub-contractors providing event services, for example jumping castle operators, amusement rides or performers.

Risk management

Eurobodalla Shire Council requires all events, regardless of size, to submit a risk management plan. The plan must include identification and measurement of all event hazards and risks, together with the proposed management and mitigation strategies of those risks.

The duty of care to residents, organisers, workers, performers, contractors, volunteers and all those present at the event is the responsibility of the event organiser and must be addressed at all times.

Elements to consider in your risk management plan include, but are not limited to:

  • first aid
  • total fire ban
  • evacuation plan
  • weather
  • security.

Examples of risks and hazards that may apply can be found in our sample document, which you are welcome to use. This document contains sample hazards, risks and controls that may apply to your event. After reviewing the these, remove any that don't apply to your event and add ones that might.  Ensure you complete the risk ranks next to each risk and control.


Emergency response plan

If your event is large or complex, a number of emergency services may need to be present. With this, you will need to develop an emergency response plan in consultation with local Police, NSW Fire Service, Ambulance and any other relevant emergency services.

Copies of your completed emergency response plan should be provided to all emergency services, Eurobodalla Shire Council, contractors, suppliers and any other agencies working with your event.

It is your responsibility to notify emergency services of your event.


Site induction

It may be a requirement of your event approval to receive a site induction. Site inductions will be arranged directly with you prior to your event start date.


Event organisers are responsible for arranging and enforcing security for their event. Council highly recommends organisers consider event security if:

  • large crowds are expected
  • large sums of money will be processed
  • there will be alcohol
  • protection of assets is needed
  • your risk management planning identifies other high risks likely to occur.


Requirements for power and lighting must be clearly outlined in your event plan.

If your event is to be held at night or at a venue with limited lighting, it is essential there is enough lighting for attendees to see walkways and exits in case of an evacuation. Lighting must be directed away from nearby dwellings and should not be in a position likely to cause a traffic hazard on nearby roads.


Eurobodalla Shire Council is committed to ensuring events are accessible for people with disability. The Centre for Universal Design Australia lists a number of guides for event organisers, which contain practical information on how to make events accessible.