Traffic management

For all road closures or traffic stoppages, Eurobodalla Shire Council requires you to submit an approved traffic management plan. Your traffic plan must include:

  • Locations of road closures
  • Timings of road closures and re-openings
  • How you will manage the road closures and openings
  • Impact on public transport operators and routes.

When submitting your traffic management plan, you will also be required to submit your event site plan, risk management plan, insurance Certificate of Currency and appropriate traffic control plans.

All traffic management plans will be assessed by the Local Traffic Committee, which comprises representatives from Eurobodalla Shire Council, NSW Police, RMS, a local councillor and the local state member of Parliament. Please note this process requires a minimum of four months (16 weeks) to allow for meeting schedules of the committee, as well as the notification period for NSW Police.

All event organisers must refer to the Guide to Traffic and Transport Management for Special Events when considering traffic impacts. Compiled by the NSW Police, Local Government and Roads and Maritime Services, the guide points out statutory requirements where they exist and makes best-practice recommendations where they do not.

Council strongly recommends all events employ a qualified person authorised by Roads and Maritime to complete the event traffic management plan.

Police notification

All events that require a traffic management plan will also require a NSW Police notification.

Vehicle races, including bicycles

Where a vehicle race (including bicycles) is proposed, a separate application is required, under Section 40 of the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act, 1999. Further information is available under NSW guidelines for bicycle road races.


  • Traffic Management Plan - a detailed proposal for the management of traffic.
  • Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) - is a visual guide showing critical site information and how traffic control devices will be implemented to change the existing road and footpath conditions. A TGS is a detailed layout of temporary signs and devices that communicate the temporary traffic management (TTM) arrangement to guide traffic around, past or through temporary hazard, such as an event or work site. It is necessary where the road environment temporarily changes and the road users have to change their usual way It also sets out emergency vehicle and public transport allowances, traffic controller instructions and signage requirements. A TGS can only be developed, designed and implemented by an authorised person with current SafeWork NSW issued Traffic Control Work Training Card or RMS issued Traffic Control Card.