Disability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

The Disability Advisory Committee advocates for people with a disability who live in or are visiting Eurobodalla Shire. the Committee works with Council to respond to equity and inclusion issues raised by the community.

Membership is open to people with specialist knowledge or interest in disability issues. Committee members include community representatives, professionals, Councillors and Council officers.

Introduction and background

The Community Strategic Plan 'One Community' identifies we are healthy and active and our community is a great place to live.

The Delivery Program identifies the need to provide programs, support and advocacy for older people, people with a disability and their carers.

The Operational Plan further identifies that our Community Care service works in partnership with State and Federal Governments, service providers and the community to deliver specialist services, including care services and community transport.  Programs and activities are flexible and client centred, enabling older people, people with a disability and their carers to remain independent, live in their own home and access their community.

Purpose of the Disability Advisory Committee

Seek opportunities to improve access to Council facilities and services and, with Council's support, to raise awareness of issues facing people with disability and to advocate for people with disability living in and visiting Eurobodalla.

Title and delegations

  • The committee shall be referred to as the Disability Advisory Committee.
  • The committee shall function as a non delegated advisory committee of Council.


  • To provide input to the Disability Inclusion Action Plan prior to its final consideration by Council.
  • To assist Council with the implementation of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.
  • To assist Council in the review and identification of Council’s current and future disability access and equity issues, including the provision of information and resources to the public.

Membership of the Committee

A quorum of the committee shall be 5 and members will have voting rights.  The Chairperson has voting rights.  Eurobodalla Shire Council staff do not have voting rights.

Tenure to the Committee

  • Representatives to participate on the Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee will be given formal notification by Council in writing.
  • Community representatives will be selected by Council, the tenure of membership will be four years in line with Council elections.
  • A member absent from three consecutive meetings without acceptable apology will be replaced.
  • Representatives must be willing to abide by the terms of reference for the committee.


  • Up to eight (8) community representatives who have a disability or have specialist knowledge or interest in disability issues (selected by Council from nominations).
    Up to three (3) of the community positions may be filled by individuals who work in a disability related area.
  • One Councillor, plus one designated alternate (selected by Council).
  • Two Council staff (selected by Director Community, Arts and Recreation Services) – non-voting.

Recruitment process

Council will advertise positions on the committee through media and corporate communication channels.

Delegations of Committee

To advise Council.

Reporting hierarchy

Minutes of each meeting will be distributed to Councillors through the councillor newsletter. Recommendations and Council response will be communicated through the General Manager.

Contact officer

Contact officer for the committee is Director – Community, Arts and Recreation Services.

Responsibilities of Committee members

  • To advise and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to disability access.
  • To give advice to the best of their knowledge and ability that will help achieve the objectives of the committee.
  • Facilitate in a timely way any tasks allocated to and accepted by them.
  • Behave in a manner that respects the interests and viewpoints of other members.
  • To declare any potential or actual conflicts of interest on matters that are brought before the committee.
  • All committee members will abide by the Council’s Policy for Code of Meeting Practice and the Division of Local Government Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

  • To chair the meeting and exercise functions, as determined by the committee.
  • To be the spokesperson for the committee, as directed by the committee.
  • To advocate for the committee and represent its decisions.
  • Extraordinary meetings may be called by the Chairperson.

Responsibilities of Council

Council will provide secretarial support, including minute taking, and professional officer support, as appropriate.

Matters concerning Council activities that may affect people with a disability will be referred to the committee for its consideration.

The ongoing role of the committee will be reviewed every two years. Relevant matters will be referred to the committee for consideration. Committee recommendations will be referred to Council for action.

Council, at its discretion, may review the role or structure and/or re-organise or disband the committee.

General meetings

  • The Chairperson will be a Councillor elected by Council. The alternate Councillor or a staff representative, nominated by the committee at the meeting, will Chair in the event of the Chairperson being absent.
  • The committee is to meet a minimum 4 times per annum.
  • Replacement of members between terms will be via the recruitment process outlined on page 2 of this document.
  • Other interested individuals may be invited to attend meetings as irregular observers, or be invited to present to the meeting, however they will only be recognised by consent of the Chairperson.
  • The Chairperson of the committee will be able to call Extraordinary meetings of the committee, as necessary, for the effective conduct of the committee and establish limited working parties as required.
  • A quorum of the committee shall be a total of five members (committee members or councillors) with voting rights.
  • Pursuant to Section 10(2) of the Local Government Act 1993, the Chairperson of the committee can exercise the power of expulsion of persons not recognised as being entitled to be present at a meeting of the Committee.

Distribution of information

Recommendations of the committee are to be reported to Council and minutes distributed to Councillors through the Councillor newsletter.

Media releases are approved by the Chairperson of the committee and distributed by Council according to Council’s Media Policy.

The Chairperson is the spokesperson for the committee.

Individual committee members may not issue a media release on behalf of the committee.

Variation to the Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution of the Council, in consultation with or upon the recommendation of the committee.