Gary Traynor - 1 February 2022

Gary Traynor presented to Council at the Public Access Session on 1 February 2022.

To the Councillors – Eurobodalla Shire Council

I am speaking today on behalf of a small group of dedicated volunteers.  Our event is a 100% not for profit venture.  Its sole purpose is to bring joy to the local people and attract visitors to the Eurobodalla.

It should be known this year is the 90th Anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 19th March 1932.  We as a community need to remind Australia that Moruya played a major part in its construction.

Our townsfolk wish to conduct a ‘Mardi Gras’ Street Parade, similar to those conducted in Moruya during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  This event is fondly remembered by local residents who are now in their 50’s or older. Just like the Deua River Races and other popular festivals, tragically the Mardi Gras died and faded away.  We ask the Eurobodalla Shire Council to assist us in bringing it back.

This event will be supported by the revival of another event which faded away.  The Moruya River Lights which will take place that evening.  Finally, the weekend will be concluded on Sunday with a free guided tour of the Moruya Quarry; the location which supplied granite for the Harbour Bridge pylons.  Descendants of quarry workers have never toured this location where their grandfathers laboured.  This part of the weekend has generated huge interest.

This event cannot take place without the kind assistance of the Eurobodalla Shire Council, and we pray that all authorities share in our enthusiasm for this event.


  • Please throw the full weight of the ESC Tourism branch behind this event by saturating your social media.
  • Assist in liaising with Tourism NSW and ACT.
  • Use the profile and status of ESC to contact national media including television (the town of Cowra secured the favour of high-profile actor Chris Hemsworth …. Who can we encourage to visit our shire?)
  • Please allow and assist organisers in every way possible, rather than presenting red tape.
  • We are volunteers for a not-for-profit event.  Please waive any fees.
  • Pending approval by Crown Lands, (ESC Construction Co-Ordinator) Greg Knight has volunteered his services as a Quarryman to assist with the free guided tour on Sunday 20th March.  Please do what is necessary to permit this as a representative of ESC.
  • Permit organisers to set up infrastructure at Riverside Park on the afternoon of Saturday 19th March, similar to that used by ‘Carols by Candlelight’ i.e., lorry trailer to be used as a stage for live music.

Our locality has been very hard hit over the past couple of years, due to bush fire, floods and COVID.  Our businesses have suffered, and we feel an event of this nature will be a much-needed boost which the Eurobodalla desperately needs. Not to mention the benefits to this area from potential tourism.

This event is the last major anniversary which will include people with a living memory of the bridge opening. It would be irresponsible of us all as citizens of the Eurobodalla, to allow this milestone to pass without recognition.

Please share our enthusiasm and lend your full support to what is growing to be a major community event.

Yours in service of the Eurobodalla

Gary Traynor
Volunteer Event Co-Ordinator