Divisional and corporate managers

Community, Arts and Recreation

Director: Kathy Arthur

Divisional Manager, Community Development and Participation: Kim Bush

Divisional Manager, Recreation Services: vacant

  • T: 02 4474 1000


Director: Warren Sharpe

Divisional Manager, Technical Services: Carlyle Ginger

Divisional Manager, Water and Sewer: Brett Corven

Divisional Manager, Works: Tony Swallow

Planning and Sustainability

Director: Lindsay Usher

Divisional Manager, Development Services: Gary Bruce

Divisional Manager, Strategy and Sustainable Growth: Liz Rankin

Divisional Manager, Waste Services: Nathan Ladmore

Divisional Manager, Environmental Services: Deb Lenson

Divisional Manager, Property and Commercial Services: Andrew Greenway


General Manager: Dr Catherine Dale

Chief Financial Officer: Scott Westbury

Corporate Manager, Governance and Administrative Services: Jeff Phillips

Corporate Manager, People and Culture: Julie-Anne Hoban

Corporate Manager, Communications: Kellee Pisanos

Corporate Manager, Information and Communication Technology: Alan Ibbett