Mogo Recreation Park Masterplan

Project: Preparing a Masterplan for Mogo Recreation Park.

Funding: $999,000 through the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program. (Obtained by the Mogo Village Business Chamber).


  • Council intends to finalise the Masterplan by the end of July 2022.
  • The business chamber will then construct the recreation facilities. For more information about the timeframe, please contact Mogo Village Business Chamber.

Last updated: July 2022


We are working to:

  • assist the Mogo Village Business Chamber to plan some new recreation spaces.

Benefits to the community:

  • input into the new facilities at Mogo Recreation Park.

The Chamber identified the Mogo Recreation Park as a suitable location for a new community building and pump track (a circuit for bike riding). We are helping the chamber prepare options and plans for these two facilities.

Council has engaged Ethos Urban to prepare a Masterplan for Mogo Recreation Park. The Masterplan will:

  • outline 2 possible locations for a community building and pump track
  • help deliver actions in the draft Mogo Village Place Activation Plan related to Mogo Trails, parking and more shade
  • ensure the integrity of the oval for future growth as a recreation space.

The main aims of the Masterplan are to:

  • provide safe, easy access to park infrastructure
  • retain and enhance high value trees and vegetation where possible
  • locate new facilities to maximize flexibility and ensure the capacity for future growth
  • locate facilities to minimise conflict and ensure different activities can take place at the same time.

Masterplan options

Option 1

Option 1 key features:

  • Maximise the size of the pump track in a location that is accessible both from Queen and Mogo streets.
  • Enabling the retention of the existing amenity block and play equipment on site.
  • The pump track located on the northern third of the site.
  • Car parking positioned at edges to maximise parking ease and vehicle access.
  • Mountain bike shuttle location is close to the proposed mountain bike trail head, off Buckenbowra Road.
  • Mountain bike shuttle location is close to the Princes Highway turn-off.
  • The community building is on the higher ground to the south-east of the oval. This provides good views of the oval but not the intended pump track, but with less direct parking and access options.

Option 2

Option 2 key features:

  • Retains the location of the proposed mountain bike drop off, on street parking and pump track.
  • The community building is at the northern end of the playing field. This provides better access to existing parking and underground services off Queen Street.
  • This option would require the demolition of the existing toilet block. (the new community building will have toilets).Council would aim to recycle some of the materials from the existing toilet block and reuse them elsewhere in the park.
  • New art work will be instated once new facility is completed.
  • The existing play equipment will be kept in its current position.
  • The existing barbecue and shelter could be relocated to a new position, still next to the play equipment.

Community feedback

We asked community members to tell us which of these two options they preferred during July 2022. We passed on the feedback to the Mogo Village Business Chamber to help them deliver their project.

More information

For more information, please contact Shane Spicer, Project Coordinator – Mogo Trails