Tomakin Road safety upgrade

Project: Upgrading Tomakin Road from Mogo to Tomakin


  • $3.9 million through the NSW Safer Roads Program
  • Council contribution

Timeframe: August 2020 to June 2024

  • Stage one (completed) focused on a 1.4km section of Tomakin Road, east of Dunns Creek Road. This work ties in with the recently upgraded road leading into the new Tomakin roundabout.
  • Stage two (completed) involved a full upgrade to the 1.6km section of road between Mogo Wildlife Park and James Street, Mogo.
  • Stage three (current) involves upgrading the 1.8km section between Terry Connells Bridge and Dunns Creek Road.

Last updated: September 2023

Latest news: September 2023

We are back on site, getting on with the next stage of work. We are working between the wildlife park and Dunns Creek Road, to widen road shoulders, strengthen sections of the road pavement and provide a widened centreline.


We are working to: upgrade Tomakin Road, including:

  • a widened centreline to increase the separation between opposing directions of travel
  • widened shoulders to cater for cyclists and improve separation between vehicles
  • improved clear zones to increase line of sight
  • more traversable batters to help reduce the severity of run-off road crashes
  • improved super elevation to reduce the occurrence of road run-off
  • improved road surface, property access, drainage, guardrail, linemarking and signage.

In 2020 the NSW Government committed funding over the following three years to allow us to bring the whole of Tomakin Road up to a standard appropriate for a major distributor road.

Benefits to the community:

  • Improved safety.
  • Tomakin Road will be able to meet increased demands as the major distributor road linking the Princes Highway to the coast.

This safety upgrade has been identified as a priority due to the high number of crashes occurring on Tomakin Road. By undertaking works we aim to reduce road related trauma for our community and visitors.


We investigated several design options for the project and aim to minimise environmental impacts and conserve the natural appeal of the area. Vegetation clearing has been limited to that which is essential to achieve the desired road safety outcomes. Additionally, we provided property owners with vouchers for use at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden to obtain endemic species to assist in re-establishing forest connectivity.

Upon completion of the whole project Tomakin Road will have a minimum seal width of 11.3m consisting of a 0.8m centreline, 3.25m width lanes and 2m shoulders with mostly traversable batters.

Project updates

August 2023

  • We are back on site to get started on the last section of Tomakin Road. We will be working to upgrade the stretch between Dunns Creek Road and Terry Connell Bridge near the wildlife park.
  • We will widen road shoulders, improve roadside batters and enhance clear zones. Additionally, we will strengthen sections of the road pavement and provide a widened centreline to increase separation between opposing directions of travel.
  • We don't think we will need to remove any more trees to finish the upgrade.

July 2023

  • We have welcomed a temporary reduction to the Tomakin Road speed limit – from 100 to 80 kilometres per hour.
  • While speed limits are determined by the NSW Government, Council requested the lowered limit on behalf of the Tomakin Road Residents Group.
  • Once work to upgrade the road finishes, Transport for NSW will conduct a formal review to decide the road’s permanent speed limit.

June 2023

  • It took a little longer than expected but we have finished the section between Mogo and the wildlife park.

February 2023

  • We are back on site to complete the section of road between Mogo and the Wildlife Park.
  • Traffic control is in place so please allow extra travel time.

November 2022

  • We are getting close to finishing stage two of this project working between Mogo and the wildlife park.
  • We will soon provide an initial seal and get the road ready in time for the summer holidays.
  • We will return in February to apply the finishing touches.

September 2022

  • Despite the wet weather delaying works, our crews are getting the job done. They are continuing with the bulk earthworks, cutting away at the banks to make the road wider. Work includes adding drainage infrastructure and creating road shoulders.

March 2022

  • Our crews are active along the road working between Mogo and the wildlife park. Work includes extending the road shoulders, enhancing the clear zones, providing a widened centreline, linemarking, signage, guardrail and a strengthened road pavement. Additionally, stormwater infrastructure will be enhanced, and property driveways will be upgraded.
  • Traffic control measures are in place and commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area.

January 2022

  • Work on Stage 2 of the project is set to start in early February.

November 2021

  • We've been busy working on plans for the next two stages of this safety project.
  • Stage 2 construction is set to begin early next year and involves upgrading 1.65km of Tomakin Road from just west of James Street, Mogo to 150m beyond Somerset Close.
  • Stage 3 construction will begin afterwards and involves the 1.1km section between Terry Connells Bridge and Dunns Creek Road.
  • We'll need to remove a few trees in the road reserve so everything is ready for the wider road. We aren't thrilled about removing trees so we are providing incentives for adjoining landowners to plant local species on their properties.

April 2021

  • We have completed work on another section of Tomakin Road near George Bass Drive. The revamped road has a new road surface and wider shoulders.

December 2020

  • It’s all hands on deck to get the road ready and sealed in time for the Christmas break.
  • The completed work will result in a vastly improved section of Tomakin Road.

October 2020

  • Our construction crew kicked off this month widening the road shoulders and installing infrastructure to improve drainage.
  • They also got stuck into a 200m section of road to stabilise the existing pavement.

September 2020

  • Preparations are underway for the upgrade to the 1.4km section of Tomakin Road, east of Dunns Creek Road.
  • While construction is underway residents can expect heavy machinery to be active along the road.
  • Traffic control measures will be in place and commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area.

August 2020

  • Excess material from the Dunns Creek Road realignment work has proved quite valuable. We’ve placed it along Tomakin Road near the caravan park in preparation for the widened road.

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