Ross Hayward - 1 February 2022

Ross Hayward presented to Council at the Public Access Session on 1 February 2022.

ESC Public Access Submission 1/2/2022

Public Consultation

Good morning Mr Mayor, Councillors and staff.

Public consultation done as Public Access & Public Forum are just side shows to the main event of Council’s meeting  - i.e. getting to the end in the shortest time.

Very efficient but not very effective.

No discussion between the participants.

For the inexperienced an intimidating atmosphere.

At the end, your submission disappears behind closed doors and one wonders whether it is even given a sideways glance.

Missing is free discussion to work towards a solution.

Delegated Authority is essential to maintain timely through put of D/As but it all happens behind doors.

Also missing is ease of public access to D/A determinations and how they were made.

However determination of D/As at Council meetings with full reports are there for public viewing.

After many drafts of this submission I realised that sitting here in this chair within a brief moment of time speaking to you today wasn’t going to solve anything.

To paraphrase problem solver American astronaut Jim Lovell

“Eurobodalla, we have a problem”.

I believe there is the opportunity for a new Council and the community to work towards tackling this problem.

Thank you for listening.