Public Forum

Public forum is held prior to each Council Meeting for councillors to hear presentations from members of the public on items of business to be considered at the meeting. If there are no registered speakers, Public Forum is not held. Public Forum will also be held before extraordinary meetings, unless there are no registered speakers.

Public forum is held in the Council Chambers and streamed live via our webcast service

  • Public forum begins at 10.30am, with one-hour allocated.
  • Speakers are allowed seven minutes to address the Council.
  • If there are more speakers than time permits, Public Forum may be extended by 15 minutes via a resolution of councillors. The number of speakers may also be limited to three ‘for’ or ‘against’ any item of business.
  • Speakers' presentations are provided online alongside the relevant meeting agenda and minutes.

2023 Public Forum dates

  • 14 February
  • 28 February
  • 14 March
  • 28 March
  • 9 May
  • 23 May
  • 27 June
  • 25 July
  • 8 August
  • 22 August
  • 12 September
  • 10 October
  • 24 October
  • 14 November
  • 28 November
  • 12 December

Presenting at Public Forum

To speak at Public Forum, you must:

  • register by email or phone to Council’s executive services office no later than 12pm of the business day prior to the meeting.
  • identify the item of business on the agenda of the Council meeting that you wish to speak on, and whether you're speaking ‘for’ or ‘against’.
  • provide a written copy of your presentation to Council by 12pm the business day before the Council meeting. Your presentation will be published with the meeting agenda and minutes.

Councillors, staff and members of the public are bound by the Code of Meeting Practice and must show mutual respect for one another. More information on how Public Forum is facilitated is in Council's Code of Meeting Practice:

To register contact Council’s executive services office: