Notification of food business

Eurobodalla Shire Council works with the NSW Food Authority as part of the Food Regulation Partnership. Under the Food Act 2003, Council is required to maintain a list of food businesses within its area. This list must be available for inspection by members of the public.

Food businesses should complete this online form and submit it to Council.

Food businesses are required to notify Council of any changes to the information provided below. The new information must be provided to Council before the changes occur. Any changes to the information may affect the classification of the food business.

Food premise details
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Preferred postal address
(All businesses required to have a Food Safety Supervisor must retain a copy of the certificate at the premises at all times)
Related activity
Do you operate a food delivery vehicle?
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Do you sell food at a location other than the premises address provided above?
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Primary food business
Please choose all options that apply to your business. (If you choose the charitable organisation option, you may be asked to provide proof of charitable status)
Sewage disposal details
Choose which sewage disposal option applies:
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Water supply details
Choose which water supply connection applies:
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Liquid trade waste details (if applicable)
(Please note: If you don't know your approval number, or if you are unsure whether you need LTW approval, please contact Environmental Services on 02 4474 1310)
Date *

Please note: Submission of this online form is taken that the form is signed by the proprietor of the food business.

Privacy statement: The information on this form is being collected by Council for purposes associated with processing your notification. Access to this information is limited to relevant Council officers and it may be disclosed to any other government agency outside of Council as required by legislation. Supply of this information is required to enable accurate information to be provided. Your notification may be delayed, or not accepted/ processed due to a lack of information. The information will be stored securely in Council's systems. Visit for more information.