Mogo sewage pumping station upgrade

Tender number: 2223-040

Successful tender submission: Ironbuilt Infrastructure Pty Ltd

Address of tenderer: 3/34-56 Marley Place, Unanderra NSW 2526

Sub contractors: N/A

Commencement date: 15 December 2022

Duration of contract: 32 weeks

Description of goods/services/consultancy: Mechanical and electrical upgrade of Mogo sewage pump station TO/16.

Tendered amount (Incl GST): $1,220,417.00

Provision for variation to the amount: This contract may be subject to variation, the details of which will be declared if and when any variation occurs.

Provisions for renegotiation: As per contract, for example extension of time.

Method of tender: Tender

Criteria of tender evaluation:

  • Based off past and relevant experience
  • Price

Provision for operational and maintenance services: N/A

Confidential information: This contract and its provisions are commercial-in-confidence. The exclusion of confidential information from this Register is explained on Council's contract page.

Last updated: 8 February 2023