Tomakin Road and George Bass Drive roundabout

Project: Construction of a four-leg roundabout at the George Bass Drive and Tomakin Road intersection providing a new entrance road into Tomakin village.

Cost: $3.5 million, funded by the Australian Government’s Federal Election Commitment Program.

Timeframe: The project began in June 2018 and was completed in May 2019.

Satus: Complete

Last updated: June 2021


Building a roundabout at the intersection of Tomakin Road and George Bass Drive will improve road and pedestrian safety, increase traffic efficiency and road capacity and reduce congestion.

The project includes:

  • constructing a new roundabout at the intersection of George Bass Drive and Tomakin Road
  • connecting the roundabout to Sunpatch Parade to provide a fourth leg on the roundabout into Tomakin
  • providing suitable medians, pathway connections, pedestrian crossing points and lighting associated with the new roundabout
  • keeping the existing George Bass Drive and Ainslie Parade intersection.

A bird's eye map of the area involved in the Tomakin roundabout project, including four roads approaching the roundabout.

Latest News

May 2019

  • Work on the Tomakin Road approach to the roundabout is progressing well.
  • The old surface was removed and the substrate prepared and stabilised prior to sealing.
  • The project will be complete once the guardrail is installed later in the month or in early June.

April 2019

  • Construction crews are concentrating on improving the Tomakin Road approach to the roundabout.
  • Work to dig up the existing sealed surface will be delayed until after the school holidays to reduce impact on commuters.

March 2019

  • Crews are tidying up the roundabout work with line marking, turf and red scoria.
  • Road reconstruction continues along Tomakin Road with additional crews.
  • Tomakin Road approach to roundabout is under construction, including re-use of materials from the old road.
  • The shoulders are being widened to increase safety and the road is being lifted 180mm to improve drainage and increase strength.

February 2019

  • Crews are back on site keen to wrap up the project as soon as possible.
  • Concreting works will be the focus for the month constructing medians, pathways and driveways.
  • Work has begun to improve the 350m stretch of Tomakin Road leading into the new roundabout.

  • Material from the old approach to the intersection is being recovered and reused to provide wider shoulders on Tomakin Road and a basic right turn into a driveway. By recycling the material we are able to save on costs and improve safety for commuters on Tomakin Road.
  • Traffic control measures will be in place and commuters may experience short delays.

January 2019

  • Work at the intersection resumed on Tuesday 29 January and traffic control measures were reinstated.
  • Crews will be working to construct the concrete medians on the road, concrete the service station driveways, complete the pathways and provide additional lighting.
  • Works will also include restoring the site with the aim of completing the project by the end of March.

December 2018

  • The new connection from George Bass Drive into Tomakin via Sunpatch Parade has been opened.
  • The 40km/h speed limit has been lifted and traffic is flowing freely through the area.
  • Line marking has been applied and temporary traffic islands have been placed.
  • Two street lights are operating with more to be hooked up in the new year.
  • Crews will return in late January to install concrete medians, finish the footpaths and restore the site.

  • It’s been a busy few weeks and the roundabout has really taken shape.
  • The concreting works are mostly complete with the huge annulus defining the centre of the roundabout.

  • Asphalting crews have been hard at it getting the roundabout up to scratch in time for Christmas.

Late November 2018

  • The roundabout has become operational although commuters should still expect delays moving through the worksite.
  • All local business, including the service station, mechanic and seafood truck, remain open for business despite the road works. Access may seem a little trickier than usual but please continue to support our local business operators.
  • Meanwhile, the old power poles have been removed and underground cables have been installed, leaving just the street lighting to be done to complete electrical works.
  • Kerb and gutter installations are being finalised and stabilising works are about to begin.
  • Work has begun to concrete the centre island of the roundabout.
  • Asphalting works will begin shortly to seal the four lead-ins to the roundabout.

Early November 2018

  • Concrete works are underway with kerb and gutter being installed outlining the edges of the roundabout area.
  • The ground height has been raised to accommodate the finished levels required.
  • The old power poles are about to be dismantled leaving the new poles standing proud.
  • During work hours traffic on George Bass Drive has been reduced to one lane through the worksite operating under traffic control.
  • The flow of traffic has been restricted to allow crews and contractors to work safely on construction of the actual roundabout while also ensuring safety of the public.
  • Crews are running to a tight schedule and doing their best to ensure the project is completed in time for the busy summer holidays.
  • The work is causing significant delays and motorists are advised to seek alternative routes where possible.

October 2018

  • Turning lanes for Tomakin Road and the service station have been removed from George Bass Drive to allow for construction of the actual roundabout until early December.
  • In the absence of dedicated turning lanes in either direction commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area.
  • The turning lanes will be closed until early December.
  • The new section of Sunpatch Parade has been built with kerb and gutter, new footpaths and lawn area seeded. This new connection to George Bass Drive will be opened when the roundabout is completed.

Temporary Road Closure - Sunpatch Parade

  • The northern section of Sunpatch Parade will be closed from 7am Tuesday 2 October to 4pm Friday 2 November.
  • Commuters travelling on Sunpatch Parade will need to use Parks Parade to access Ainslie Parade.
  • The road closure will enable construction of the fourth leg of the new roundabout.

September 2018

  • The Tomakin Road approach to the roundabout has been constructed and traffic will be moved onto it in late September.
  • The speed limit has been reduced to 40km/h as we are incorporating part of the work with the existing road.
  • To avoid traffic disruption we will cease working on George Bass Drive and Tomakin Road over the October school holidays.

  • During the holidays we will work on the Sunpatch Parade approach to the roundabout.
  • Power and water infrastructure has been relocated and new street lights are being installed.

August 2018

  • The earthworks have been completed for the realignment of Tomakin Road to the approach of the roundabout and the new stormwater culvert is in place.
  • Conduits are being installed to allow overhead power lines to drop down and pass under the road.
  • Reconstruction work will soon begin on Sunpatch Parade to tie it in with the roundabout.
  • Work on Sunpatch Parade should not result in any road closures.

June 2018

  • A strip of vegetation was removed along Tomakin Road to enable the earthworks for the new approach to the roundabout to begin.

More Information

For more information about this project, please contact our Project Engineer, Mark Cutting: