Our business ethics

Business principles

The principle of best value for money is at the core of all Council's business relationships with contractors and suppliers of goods and services.

Best value for money does not automatically mean the lowest price. Rather, Council will balance all relevant factors including initial cost, whole-of-life costs, quality, reliability, and timeliness in determining true value for money. 

Part of obtaining best value for money also includes ensuring all our business relationships are honest, ethical, fair and consistent.

Our business dealings will be transparent and open to public scrutiny wherever possible.

Ethical communication

As a general principle, all communication between Council and other parties should be clear, direct and accountable. All contractors and suppliers have an obligation to ensure that their communication with us follows this principle.

What you can expect from us

We will ensure that all policies, procedures, and practices are consistent with best practice and the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

Our staff are bound by Council's Code of Conduct. They are held accountable for their actions and expected to comply with the required standards of conduct at all times.

Guidance for doing business with Council 

Our statement of business ethics provides guidance for doing business with Council:

It outlines our ethical standards and our expectation that goods and service providers and contractors will comply with this standards in all dealings with us.

The statement outlines in detail what contractors and goods and service providers can expect of Council, and what we ask of you.