Your Business is Food

Eurobodalla Shire Council is proud to be involved in the Your Business is Food Program, designed to help businesses waste less food and, in doing so, improve profits.

Your Business is Food is part of the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Love Food Hate Waste Program - a food waste avoidance education program that shows households, communities and businesses how to stop wasting food and start protecting the environment.

  • Love Food Hate Waste is run by the NSW EPA as part of the NSW Government initiative Waste Less Recycle More, funded from the waste levy.
  • The program aims to support food businesses with simple steps and handy resources to avoid food waste, educate staff and customers and promote your business.

Benefit your business by reducing food waste

NSW Government research into food waste found that around $20 billion worth of food is disposed of annually. New South Wales produces some of the largest quantities of food waste in the country, throwing away more than $10 billion worth of edible food each year. For the average household in Moruya, that’s $73 per week or $3,805 over a year.

Phase two: February - March 2022

Council is working to collaborate with businesses, organisations and schools to divert the food waste that can’t be avoided.

During the months of February and March 2022, Council sought expressions of interest (EOI) from businesses who were interested in acquiring onsite food waste processors, composting, worm farm or bokashi units. The EOIs are currently being reviewed and considered.

Phase one: July 2019

During the first phase of the Your Business Is Food Program, Council project officers worked with local businesses to conduct food waste reviews and develop personalised action plans to reduce food waste. As a result, businesses were able to save money on purchasing and waste disposal costs, reduce food waste-related operation costs and help the environment by diverting food waste from landfill.

Case study: Wildfire

Since starting Your Business is Food, local business Wildfire Restaurant (Wildfire) has reduced its food waste by 32 kilograms per week.

  • Wildfire worked with a Council project officer to explore and understand the source of their food waste and develop a plan to reduce it.
  • In addition to undertaking operational steps to reduce waste, Wildfire management engaged their staff and customers with resources to encourage them to join the fight against food waste.
  • Wildfire Restaurant also conducted a food waste review to track and measure where the food waste was coming from. This allowed Wildfire to implement some food waste avoidance initiatives like reminding customers that they had the choice to remove unwanted items from meals, like chips or salad.
  • They also implemented the use of reusable containers for uneaten food and have tailored specific parts of their menu to minimise food waste.

More information

To find out more about the program, check out these NSW Government Love Food Hate Waste resources:

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in Your Business is Food, or in We Care Eurobodalla - a program that helps food businesses reduce single-use plastics - contact Council's Sustainability Supervisor, Phil Stubbs: