New Employment Zones - Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan 2012

Employment Zones commenced within Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan 2012 on 26 April 2023. A document (other than a state environmental planning policy) with a reference to an Environmental, Business or Industrial Zone is now taken to be a reference to a Conservation or Employment Zone.

You can determine the new zone for your land by finding the previous zone for your land and seeing its current zone.

Previous and current zones

  • B1 Neighbourhood Centre (previous)
    is now E1 Local Centre (current)
  • B2 Local Centre (previous)
    is now E1 Local Centre (current)
  • B4 Mixed Use (previous)
    is now MU1 Mixed Use (current)
  • B5 Business Development (previous)
    is now E3 Productivity Support (current)
  • IN1 General Industrial (previous)
    is now E4 General Industrial (current)
  • E1 National Parks and Nature Reserves (previous)
    is now C1 National Parks and Nature Reserves (current)
  • E2 Environmental Conservation (previous)
    is now C2 Environmental Conservation (current)
  • E4 Environmental Living (previous)
    is now C4 Environmental Living (current)

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