How we develop plans of management

Stage 1: Prepare draft plan

  • Identify relevant land parcels and current land category
  • Gather input from user groups and the community
  • Consider relevant legislation and policies
  • Seek Aboriginal heritage and Native Title Manager advice
  • Identify environmental matters
  • Consider appropriate leases and licences
  • Consider need for change of land category
  • Draft the plan
  • Obtain elected Council approval to send to Crown Lands
  • Incorporate Crown Lands changes (if required)
  • Crown Lands provides consent to exhibit and adopt the plan

Stage 2: Exhibit draft plan

  • Notify public of exhibition process
  • Exhibit the draft plan for a minimum of 28 days
  • Meet with user groups and the community
  • Call for submissions (minimum 42 days)
  • Hold public hearing (if change of land category is proposed)
  • Inform Native Title claimants

Stage 3: Amend draft plan

  • Consider input from user groups and community
  • Consider written and public hearing submissions
  • Native Title Manager provides final written advice
  • Amend draft plan as needed

Stage 4: Adopt plan

  • Brief councillors
  • Seek Council approval to adopt
  • Council adopts the plan and resolves to re-categorise the land (if required)